A real barbershop in the Heart of Helsinki

Where a shave is a shave, with all the best parts and not an awkward peck massage.

Almost a decade working in big barber chains, taught us that, there is a real need for professionalism in the industry. Yapping and growing moustaches seems to be more important than getting your fades gradient and lines sharp. – Well that shit wasn’t going to fly.

The wheels were in motion.

We had begun planning for a cozy place, where the music doesn’t blast you eardrums to kingdom come. Where the hair blower don’t rumble with the mighty sound of Thor’s hammer. A place where you can get your cut, have a refreshing, damn fine beverage, hang-out a bit. and then come back when the mint AF cut has grown out!

Why us?

Focused Professionals

Up the ante, and leave the battle pineapple to the barber-chains. We spend the time and effort to make your cut look perfect

10 years of Experience

A decade of doing shades, pomps, undercuts, and mohawks. Looking for a skin-fade? Want it done correctly?

No nonsense

The shop is clean, our shears, sharp, and we’re not the ones to yap away. Come in, have a beverage, enjoy your cut and come again!