The Grit Webstore

This is where we sell gift cards and other things.
The shop will update with time, so patience is a virtue.

Gift Cards and Vouchers are now up!

This season, let’s be sure of one fact and one fact only. We need more clean shaven persons on the street.
So if you have a drop of decency, please for the love of anything that’s holy. Get your hair-balled-scruffy-ass friend to the barbershop, we’ll take care of the rest.

Gift Cards for days

With an unique hand crafted everything, this is not just any gift card, it’s The Grit’s gift card

The Seal of The Grit

Every gift card comes in a envelope sealed with an genuine wax seal.

A plain one

Scared of what the family will say?
We have a design that is less noticeable.